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Welcome to Creation Reformation (1)_edit

We are Christians who take the Bible and science seriously.

Creation Reformation is dedicated to taking back the creation narrative! Our mission is to expose the lie of evolution and promote the truth of God's creation. As Bible believers, we affirm the Biblical account of creation and expose the flaws in theories of naturalistic origins. Join us in discovering the undeniable evidence of God's creation.

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We affirm, along with Jesus and the apostles, that the Genesis account of creation is true history. A real, historical Adam and Eve as the first humans created in God's image stands as a theological necessity for the Gospel. Without a first Adam and his fall, there is no need for redemption through a second Adam (Jesus Christ) being a risen savior. 

We take a high view of science, believing that origins science should be practiced free of any imposed assumptions about causes in nature. For example, modern science that demands only "natural causes" to explain our human origins is handicapped. Such science is unnecessarily self-limiting on the topic of human origins. If God is our creator, then scientists constrained to consider only natural causes will never find truth.

We place a high value on truth. Truth is not changed by what anyone thinks about it. And truth is not changed by those who say creation by God cannot be logically inferred as a scientific matter.

We believe that the Church has been needlessly accommodating to naturalistic theories of evolution as an explanation for human beings.


We show simple-to-teach reasons that natural selection plays no role in explaining the origin and existence of all current living things. And, we show that the natural evidence on earth points to a supernatural creator, including the God of the Bible.


Creation Reformation is led by Roddy Bullock, a Christian husband, father, grandfather, engineer, lawyer, and author. 

He can be reached at

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