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Position Statement on Creationism


NOTE: Creation Reformation is a young organization and its Position Statement is evolving. To date, the following is the Position Statement.

Reformed: changed for the better. 

Evolutionary theory to explain the origin of human beings can be easily refuted. There is no reason in light of modern biology to maintain that the world, much less living beings, arose from purposeless processes of nature by natural processes alone.

If a Christian does not believe the above statements then he or she needs to become educated on the subject. Because a Christian who believes God exists and scripture is reliable has every reason to reject evolutionary creation of humans and embrace the truth of creation by God, including creation of humans in His image.

Why? Because Christians can. Atheists, materialists, naturalists, rationalists and every other “ist” that denies the creative existence of God can’t. For them the question of human origins is answered — rightly or wrongly — before it is asked. Atheists have no choice but to remain faithful believers in evolution regardless of the facts.

Christians do have a choice.

It’s time for a reformation in the Church to reject evolutionary biology as an explanation for human existence. We have been led astray for too long. Christian leaders have timidly bowed to the reigning orthodoxy of naturalistic science. There was a time when this bowing may have appeared to be the better part of valor.

But no longer. The Church is losing influence, not only outside the Church but within. Why believe in a God that had no part in creating you? What does redemption even mean when there is nothing of intrinsic value in human beings to redeem?

The Church for too long has at least tolerated and at most bought into the lie of evolution. And it is a lie. A heinous, grievous lie. For Christians to buy into this lie for lack of understanding in an age of easy understanding grieves the heart of God and hinders the Gospel message.

It’s time for a Creation Reformation. God must be glorified by his crowning glory: human beings.

Creation Reformation seeks to be a part of a modern reformation in Christian churches. Creation Reformation believes that by reclaiming and teaching the truth of creation by God of the world and everything in it a new reformation can revitalize the church.

Creation according to the Genesis account is not only scientifically supportable but it is also theologically necessary. To be in any way meaningful the Gospel message requires creation of human beings, including a true, historical Adam, by God in His image.

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