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Student Curriculum

At last! A little child on the internet says the obvious: "The emperor Evolution has no clothes."

For students of all ages, Creation Reformation introduces a series of short, original, and insightful steps to understanding the truth of human origins.  Each step presents a choice. Believing in your creation in God's image is your choice.


Student Curriculum:
Creation Reformation's 7 Steps to Truth

Each step is a choice. We provide reasons for choosing toward discovering truth.

In simple, easy-to-understand steps we guide the reader through a series of topics--each topic designed to build on the previous--providing reasons to reject evolution as an explanation for human origins and to embrace the Genesis account of creation instead. Readers will be surprised at how easy it is to come to a reasonable and proper understanding of the truth of human origins!

Believing the truth of your creation in God's image is your choice!

Step 1: Choose the Best Worldview for All Potential Explanations

If truth of our human origins is the goal, rather than defense of an ideology, there can be no dispute: Choosing to adopt and hold a worldview open to the possibility of a creative God provides for the most expansive range of explanatory options

Step 2: Choose the Best Practice of Science for All Logical Inferences

By allowing our practice of science to include all inferences from natural evidence we refuse to willingly limit possible explanations merely because of unscientific philosophical assumptions.


Step 3: Choose to Understand the Limitations of Natural Selection

What does natural actually "do" in nature. That is, what does the "by" mean in "the theory of evolution by natural selection"?

Step 4: Choose to See that Nature Cannot Code

What must be true to support a natural explanation for the origin of all the new and different coded building instructions for new species from previous building instructions of ancient species?


Step 5: Choose to Believe in an Intelligence Beyond Nature


Based on the material evidence observed in nature it seems that it would be unreasonable to reject any causal inquiries into an intelligence beyond nature creating coded information found in every member of the human species. 

Step 6: Choose to Believe the Intelligence Beyond Nature is the God of the Bible

Seeking to rationally pin down the particulars of an uncaused cause that is ultimately the cause of human beings now looms imposingly in our path to truth as the Wall of Impossible Truth.


Step 7: Glorify God by Choosing to Believe in Biblical Creation

Let us not waste another moment entertaining any ideas that reduce our God-created, image-bearing human experience to a purposeless, dignity-denying, hopeless, discontented, un-free, and lifeless existence.

Take Back The Creation Narrative!

Enjoy a thorough development of the Student Curriculum in Creation Reformation Publishing's book, Without Excuse: Evidence for Creation by God. 

Together with the Study Guide and Leader's Guide, Without Excuse is ideal for individual or groups study. 

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