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Why is Good Friday Good?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, then Good Friday is not any better than any other Friday in which an evolved man died by natural selection.

Do you know what is normal in evolutionary biology? Normal is one organism surviving at another’s expense: survival of the fittest.

Evolutionists downplay this notion because it offends our modern sensibilities. But make no mistake: natural selection is explicitly the idea that in nature some living things are “selected” to die and others to get to live at their expense.

And the selection process is driven by might, not right. Those “selected” to live often do so by killing their competition, either directly or by competing better for limited food and water. The survivors survive by being a little bit smarter, a little bit faster, a little bit stronger. They are a little bit more fit for survival than the dumber, slower, weaker, less fit others.

So what are we to make of the story of a man who died willingly for the exact opposite reason: so that every other human on earth can live? What if this this story alleges that the man died at the hands of other men not as an example of the survival of the fittest, but to facilitate the survival of the weakest?

If evolution is true, the story of a man dying for the benefit of everyone else is only a story. This man and his followers may have thought he was dying for all of humanity, but these thoughts do not change the facts of reality on the ground: evolution does not work that way. His death may have benefited a few by freeing up a little more food and water, but that’s the extent of his good will on earth.

If evolution is true, Jesus was merely another evolved human in a long line of descent that (in animals) started with a sea sponge. His death was merely an example of natural selection: the strong and powerful killing the meek and humble.

But what if evolution is not true? What if it is evolution that does not change the facts on the ground?

What if Jesus was God who came to earth as a man to facilitate the eternal survival of all who believe? Including the weak, the slow, and the dumb.

If evolution is not true, then Good Friday is, indeed, good.

Which is it?

Think about it.

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