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What was the Good News of the Angels at Jesus’ Birth?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, the announcement of the angels at Jesus’ birth makes no sense.

About 2000 years ago as a new baby named Jesus lay in a feeding trough in the town of Bethlehem and a group of shepherds was out watching their sheep at night. Why do we know this? Think about it; how many babies have been born and how many shepherds have watched their sheep at night over the many thousands of years of human beings, but we know about this one?

One reason is because of the message delivered about this baby. But the message delivered and the nature of the baby itself mean nothing if evolution is true. If evolution is true Jesus can be nothing more than one more human organism in a line of thousands of previous animals, all of which arose in a purposeless process of nature from an earlier life form, all the way back to sea sponges, we are told.

Is one of Jesus’ earliest ancestors on earth a sea sponge? If evolution is true, the answer is yes. If not a sea sponge, it was some other first animal.

But the message of the angels to the shepherds that night is very different. This baby, according to the angels is a Saviour, a Messiah, and a Lord. Does this sound like another meaningless, purposeless product of blind nature churning out replicate organisms to be subject to natural selection in a never ending cycle?

Does it make sense that of all the purposeless products of blind nature that came from that supposed first life form, and this means all plant and animal life, one of them would somehow be a Messiah? What does that even mean, and why would it be a human instead of a mushroom?

If evolution is true, the angels are wrong. What does it even mean to have angels if evolution is true? What does a “saviour” or a “messiah,” much less a “Lord” even mean in a purposeless universe of mere products of nature? The terms are meaningless, and their supposed need inexplicable. Meaningless nature has no category for sin, and therefore no category for a means to deal with sin. Sin and a saviour are simply meaningless concepts in a meaningless universe of evolution.

If evolution is true there is no good news for mankind. There is only news. And it is not good in any sense that conforms with out inborn sense of good and bad.

Why is that?

Maybe evolution is not true?


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