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We Are All Creationists

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, then we are all creationists.

I think, therefore I am. I think.

If we exist, then we were created by something. Some people believe humans were created by God for a purpose. Some people believe humans were created by unguided natural processes that never had them in mind.

But regardless the creation story one adopts, one fact is clear: we are all creationists. We just differ on the creator. God? Or nature?

What kind of creationist are you? Does it matter?

Of course, many evolutionists will reject the label “creationist,” thinking that only creationists who believe God created them are creationists. The people who adopt evolution as the story of their creation for some reason do not consider themselves equally creationists.

Here’s an idea for evolutionists: Why not embrace the label “creationist”? Turn the tables and own what is rightfully yours! You, my evolutionist friend, did not just “arise” from out of nowhere, you were created by nature rolling along its merry way.

Isn’t evolution framed as “creation” of human beings much more powerful than evolution as merely “evolving” human beings? Is created not truly the best descriptive term to use in a process that can change a sea sponge into something entirely new, i.e., a human being.

Human beings did not exist at one time in history, and now they do. Were they not created by something? Why do evolutionists shy away from coopting the perfect term for their chosen creation story?

Evolutionists are creationists. Creationists are creationists.

We are all creationists. But somehow some of us have the wrong creator. How can that be determined?

Think about it.


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