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We are All Cousins if Evolution is True

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, then every living thing today is directly related to every other living thing. And no one has any real significance.

Evolutionists make a big deal every time someone suggests that we are descended from apes. The mistake, we are told, is that we do not descend from apes, but we have a common ancestor with modern apes.

Does that clarification help? Does having a “common ancestor” with the apes make the evolutionary creation story any more believable? Any more meaningful?

What if you were told by evolutionists that you also have a common ancestor with sea weed? Or potatoes? Or even those monkeys everyone focuses on?

Here is a fact that evolutionists rarely, if ever, tell you: If evolution is true, then you have a common ancestor with every single living thing today.

If evolution is true, every living thing–plant or animal–on earth today is a cousin to every other living thing.

Yes, if evolution is true, you have a grandfather that was also a grandfather to sea weed, potatoes, and monkeys. And . . . every other living thing. In fact, our first common ancestor was that first ever living thing on earth, whatever that was.

Consider a typical “phylogenetic tree” diagram, shown below. This diagram supposedly shows how every current living thing branched off in the “diversity of life” from the first ever living thing–again, whatever that was.

If evolution is true–and the phylogenetic tree is even conceptually accurate–it is easy to see how we humans are directly related to every other living being on earth. If you have any doubt, find “animals” on the diagram and see that you can trace a continuous line from animals to every other kind of being on earth.

What does this mean, other than the theory of evolution being absolutely unbelievable? Or that whenever you sit down to dinner you are eating a direct relative?

For one, it means that humans carry no more significance on earth than do ladybugs and mushrooms. To kill one carries no more consequence than killing the other. Natural selection does it all the time without thought, plan or purpose.

Secondly, it means that humans were not created by God in his image, and they have no particularly meaningful place among all the animals and plants on earth.

Every animal and plant on earth just happened without thought, plan or purpose.

Third, it means that Jesus Christ himself was just one more living thing in the “animals” branch of our tree. And his birth and life were no different from every other organism on earth that lived and died without thought, plan or purpose.

If evolution is true, a man (and just a man) named Jesus Christ could no more to help you or me through a death on a cross than a ladybug or a mushroom could have.

And he certainly was not resurrected.

Do humans have a direct family line back to stink bugs, clownfish, pumpkins and worms?

You decide. Let your heart and mind guide you on this one. Because if evolution is the true creation story and you get it wrong, your decision carries no eternal significance. Your decision, like every other decision in your life is meaningless.

But if evolution is not the true creation story and you get it wrong, you will be wrong for a very long time.

Think about it.


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