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Was the Apostle John Deluded?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Was the Apostle John Deluded?

If evolution is true, then John the Apostle is deluded. We read in scripture from the Apostle John that the man Jesus was “with God” and “was God”. And Jesus was with God in the beginning and through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. Jesus is God? Jesus created everything that has been made? If evolution stands as the true account for the creation of human beings, then John’s statements are the lies of a deluded person. They cannot be true. If evolution is the true creation story, then Jesus was merely another evolved man. In fact, he was merely another evolved animal. To evolutionists, the very idea that an evolved human was at some time in the past with God is simply nonsense. How could that possibly be? Jesus arose (no, not that kind of “arose”!) like the rest of us, out of pure nature from a long chain of meaningless, purposeless physical interactions: molecules bumping about and knocking into one another as they lurch about in space. Some banged around and became stars, other rocks, still others earth, wind, and fire. But they all just bounced and jolted into their still meaningless and purposeless temporary conditions. And so did Jesus, if evolution is true. Earth, wind, fire, and Jesus. All is meaningless; all are mere conglomerations of matter that just happened, if evolution is true. And for John to allege that Jesus was God piles nonsense upon nonsense. John the Apostle here places an evolved talking beast in a category unknown to naturalistic science. To even say that a true, creative God exists immediately makes one suspect of delusion in today’s scientific world. But to claim that a human being was also that very creative God? Delusion. There is no other term, if evolutionary theory and naturalistic science are correct about how human beings came to be. Evolutionists say that everything was made without Jesus. Evolutionists say that everything has been made according to purposeless natural processes that did not have any humans, much less Jesus or John or you, in mind. Evolutionists say God had nothing to do with the process, and, in fact, any process on earth. Evolutionists and John can’t both be right. One is wrong. And if John is wrong it is simply the eternally insignificant error of another evolved talking beast which we can attribute to the fantastic power of evolutionary processes to delude. But if evolutionists are wrong . . . Think about it. For more info, go to Creation Reformation Facebook: Creation Reformation World © 2023 Creation Reformation


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