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The Third Human Being

Updated: Jan 28

If evolution is true, there must have been a first human being, specifically a very first Homo sapiens, on Earth.

How many human beings have ever lived on Earth? Do you know what number of human being you are? It is impossible to tell, but anyone reading this is probably about human being number 107,578,332,106, plus or minus about 1,000,000.

But think about this: There must have been on Earth the appearance of the first human being. We can call him or her Human Being No. 1.

Why is this fact so important?

We know many, many, human beings exist now. And, if evolution is true we know that there was a time in the past in which there were no human beings. So sometime in the past Human Being No. 1 breathed the first human breath on Earth.

For simplicity, let’s call the necessary first human being HB1. Hallelujah ! HB1 arose from a slime over time to appear as a brand new triumph of evolution: Homo sapiens! He or she made history in a monumental way, and we do not even know who he or she was.

Wait. There’s a problem. He or she?

Yes, that’s right. To be a human being HB1 must have been male or female. That means it was either a male human with fully functioning male anatomy including male sexual parts, or a female human with fully functioning female anatomy including female sexual parts.

Question: How is the first human being, HB1, to reproduce assuming it lives to roam about on Earth long enough to avoid natural selection’s merciless clutches?

If evolution is true, the only reason there was ever a third of the human species, HB3, much less you as HB107,578,332,106, was that HB1 must have found human being number 2, HB2. And, if evolution is true, HB2 arose fully formed and fully human as the opposite sex of the human species. If HB1 mated with any of the other species wandering about, the third human being would never appear.

Let’s assume HB1 was a male. The third human being of the species would arise only if at the same time in history a fully formed and fully anatomically female human being, HB2, had also arisen from the prior species and happened to be in the same proximity. How else would it be possible for HB1 and HB2 to date, mate and make HB3?

Do you believe evolution did all that? Independent creation of two very different new life forms, each uniquely endowed for complementary purposes at the same time and in the same place? If so, why do you believe that?

Is there another creation story that makes any claims for the creation of the first two humans, male and female at the same time and place? A more believable story?

Think about it.


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