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The Gospel and Evolution

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, then the Gospel is not even wrong; it is simply nothing.

Does it matter whether human beings are created by God or by evolutionary processes? That is, does it matter whether human beings were created male and female by God in His image? Or were we created by purposeless acts of unguided nature?

The real question, of course, is which creation story conforms to reality. If one creation story or the other is actually true, then it certainly matters to the question of the Gospel’s relevance.

The matter of human creation stands as more than merely an academic question. If evolution is true, then the Gospel message is meaningless. The Gospel message of reconciliation between humans and God by the incarnation of God as a man come to earth to bring a solution to the sin of Adam is simply nonsense. It certainly is not right. But more importantly, it is not even wrong.

If evolution is true, asking if the Gospel is right or wrong is like asking if the actions of Zeus were right or wrong. The question itself is meaningless because the determination of “right” and “wrong” is nothing more than a waste of time for accounts of reality merely imagined by men.

The message of the Gospel is that the eternal creator of all things Jesus Christ came into His created world to save his created human being sinners. He came as a human being in the flesh, to live a sinless life among men. But what is a human being if evolution is true? Humans are no different in essence than a broccoli or a wildebeest. What is sin if evolution is true? Can broccoli sin? Does a wildebeest stand in need of a saviour for his deeds? The very thoughts are ridiculous.

The truth is that the Gospel message of God’s salvation of men is a ridiculous idea unless God created mankind (male and female) in the first place and man sinned against the creator God in the second place. There is no third place for the Gospel message.

The Good News is only good if there is Bad News on earth. There is new life in Christ only if there is some old life in need of new birth.

The Gospel was announced as being a message of great joy that will be for all the people. But is it? How can it be if “all the people” are merely purposeless talking beasts that are nothing more than atoms in motion? What is “joy” in a world of living beings that exist only because their ancestors were more successful in killing off the less advantaged?

And who is Jesus if not a man in the image of God, the Son of God, and a Saviour of sinners likewise made in the image of God?

Think about it.


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