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On the Origin of Codes

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, then nature learned to code.

If one were to write a book entitled, On the Origin of Codes, what might be set forth in the book as an explanation?

We ask the question because scientists today understand something about human beings—indeed, all of life—that Darwin didn’t. Inside of us extremely complex physical codes execute detailed instructions with the information to build every single organ and component part, the connection of those components, and the continued operation of every system of our physical bodies.

And our coded instruction set uniquely constructs us such that our human body can interbreed with a very differently constructed—but equally human—body to produce another of us. And that offspring is fertile to do the same. All the material evidence we have on Earth, including from efforts at breeding animals, indicates that this process can continue indefinitely with no expectation that the next body produced be anything other than human.

But that code inside us. How did it get there?

As Aristotle insightfully articulated, in examining the cause for any observed aspect of nature one thing we must seek is the agent in the production of the effect—what or who caused the effect. In explaining the existence of a code—any code—what “agents” do we see in nature being the cause of such codes?

Modern scientists agree with Aristotle’s insight. They recognize that everything that exists must have been caused to exist. But Aristotle goes further in realizing that there must have been a first cause of everything. Aristotle reasoned that this necessary first cause must be an “unmoved mover,” or, as other philosophers posit, a causa sui, a self-caused cause, or possibly an uncaused cause—that is, an active intellect beyond nature.

Can the presence of coded hardware and software inside of us shed light on causes in nature? Can we find that in modern times Aristotle’s uncaused cause remains necessary for scientific coherency in explaining human origins?

We ask the scientific question with Aristotle: Who, or what, caused the creation of the massively complex coded software of our human bodies?

With causation in mind, consider: What do we know about where “codes” come from? Forget about evolution, DNA, and science for a moment. Think about any code you are aware of—computer codes, Morse code, hieroglyphics, the Rosetta stone, even every written record on Earth—who or what was the cause of its creation?

For each, did a “who” or a “what” create it? Can’t we say confidently, regardless of whether or not we know the “who’s” identity, that a “who” definitely created every code we see on Earth?

We find with a bit of scientific thinking that when it comes to codes on Earth a who in nature always creates; the what of nature merely stands ready to be manipulated by the who.

Is it scientific to extend the same thinking to our internal DNA coded hardware that executes the software to build and maintain our human bodies?

Thinking about a code that is closest to our internal DNA hardware and software, what is the necessary causal factor in generating a computer code with instructions to purposefully achieve a transformation of some material object? From whence do computer codes ultimately originate?

Scientifically thinking, what most reasonably explains from whence our DNA code originated?

From a who with a mind or from the what of matter randomly flung from the Big Bang?

Think about it. Can you think of any natural cause or force in nature that can create—much less beneficially reprogram over time—coded information with instructions to make something? Gravitational forces? Electro-magnetic forces? The strong and weak nuclear forces? The laws of thermodynamics? Newtonian laws of physics? Chemical processes? Combinations of these laws, forces, and processes?

There is no natural cause in nature that is known to create coded instructions. The only thing in nature that we experience creating coded information is humans, and humans use intelligence emanating from their minds.

A who always manipulates the what on Earth to created coded information.

Because there is no known earthly cause to naturally produce codes in nature we are left with one reasonable, viable option for our non-human-created DNA codes: a creative intelligence that transcends nature; that is, that transcends material reality as we know it.

A who beyond nature, not the what of nature.

Think about it.


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