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Nature’s Software (and Hardware)

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, then how are we to explain the executable coded software inside of humans?

Consider the diagram below. Based on what we know about codes on earth, what is a logical inference to take from the evidence of our internal executable coded software?

All of these are coded codes, but one is not like the others.

No person today educated on biological facts of the human body can deny that inside our cells we find material, physical hardware that is coded—programmed–to run software that builds and maintains our bodies.

Yes, hardware in the form of the DNA molecule and complex software that is coded with precise building and maintenance instructions for the human body.

Hardware? Software? Coded?

Yes, yes, and yes.

BUT . . .

Only one of hardware, software, and coding can possibly be explained by evolution. Because evolution is a process of matter manipulation only. Evolution, as a natural explanation for human origins can only possibly deal with and theorize matter-only explanations for physical structures.

Can evolution explain the creation of the hardware absent any natural basis for programming the software? And, what about the vast amounts of re-programming necessary to explain how the working DNA molecule hardware and instruction software for building sea sponges changed into the working DNA molecule hardware and instruction software to for building human beings?

That is, did nature learn to code? If so, on what evolutionary basis did nature achieve any forward-looking, goal-oriented, programming–and re-programming–capability?

So where does that leave us in explaining the creation of non-material coded information, and the coding of the hardware to run the non-material instructions for building human beings?

Look at the picture above, and consider again: For our internal hardware and software, what is the logical inference from everything we know about codes and coding on earth?

Think about it.

For more information on this topic, go here where we ask “Did Nature Learn to Code?“, or here where we show that natural selection is a non-starter.


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