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Natural Selection, What is it Good For?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, then natural selection must do something to explain all existing creatures on earth.

But does it?

Evolutionists agree: natural selection is a critical piece of the evolutionary process. In fact, it is the “secret sauce” of all evolutionary diversity on earth.

Quick review of Evolution 101: The two components of the evolutionary process are (1) descent with modification, and (2) natural selection. Presumably–if evolution is true–these two components continuously operate in nature to create every living thing we see today.

Every student of evolution is taught that the two components above have worked in nature for millions of years to produce all the diversity of life today. First, modifications are introduced into offspring. Second, depending on the nature of the modifications, the offspring are subject to natural selection. Those unfit to survive die before reproducing and the others reproduce in an unending sequence of more descent with modification and more natural selection.

That explanation seems right to the average mind. But what about more inquiring minds?

More inquiring minds agree that descent with modification happens with each generation of organisms. But what about natural selection? What does it do? More importantly, what did it do for all the survivors who exist today? It must do something, or why keep it as part of the process?

A bit of reflection reveals, as explained by The Natural Selection Paradox, that natural selection did (and does) absolutely nothing for every existing creature today.


Yes, nothing.

Are we certain?

For now we are certain; we welcome rebuttals to change our minds.

If true, this realization should be disturbing to all evolutionists. Because it shows that for all existing species on earth, the fact that their origin and development must be due to descent with modification alone. Natural selection played no role!

But it is the rare evolutionists who will be disturbed. Being disturbed by facts that contradict a deeply held belief is a normal human response. But most evolutionists will have an equally human response: they will react in denial without reading The Natural Selection Paradox. Others will simply ignore The Paradox because they don’t care; they are invested in evolution as their creation story whether true or not. Still others have no choice; their chosen atheistic theology forces them to continue to believe in evolution by faith that cannot be disturbed by any evidence.

What about you?

Are you a natural creationist, i.e., an evolutionist? If so, what kind? Are you the kind willing to be distrubed by facts that contradict your chosen creation story?

Are you a supernatural creationist, i.e., you believe God created you? If so, take comfort and encouragement in The Natural Selection Paradox. And share with all your evolutionist friends.

Think about it!


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