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Evolution or Easter?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, then Easter is a farce.

How unscientific by modern sensibilities is it to believe that a human being, once dead for three days, became alive again?

And how utterly scientifically embarrassing is the notion that this man was raised from the dead by his father, who the man claimed was the transcendent, invisible, creator God?

And can we even dare in the 21st century to entertain the idea that this man was who he claimed to be: God himself, Emmanuel, a God-man, if you will?

And what about the claims of the Gospels that this man can trace his lineage back to Adam, of all people?

What are we to make of such claims, especially among those who actually believe the claims are true, specifically about a man named Jesus?

And what about those who choose to believe by faith that there is no creator God, and if Jesus was a real person he evolved to be a human liar or a lunatic (and, by extension, his followers must be liars or at least lunatic-ish)?

If we are to toe the line of modern science, we must conclude that Jesus was a liar or a lunatic.


Because modern science has thrown its lot in with those who choose to believe by faith that there is no creator God. At least there is no God who created human beings; human beings are the result of purely natural processes that never had us in mind. And for those people, evolution is the true creation story for human beings because it must be—it is the only creation story for human beings.

And, if those who choose by faith that believe there is no creator God have chosen correctly, then all the statements above about Jesus being God and being raised from the dead are not only false, they are nonsensical. And those who believe such nonsense perpetuate the fraud.

Liars and lunatics abound.

If evolution is true, there is no mechanism in nature to bring back to life that which is 3-days dead.

If evolution is true, Jesus was not “Emmanuel, God with us;” he was merely an evolved animal. It is impossible for the fullness of a non-human (and likely non-existent) deity to dwell in his earthly body.

If evolution is true, Jesus’ lineage does not go back to Adam; a true Adam never existed. According to evolution, Jesus’ lineage, like yours and mine, goes back to a sea sponge (yes, look it up), and even further back to something like a bacterium.

Finally, if evolution is true, Jesus was not risen, he remains dead. And Easter is a farce.

It seems that the popular notion that “evolution and religion can co-exist” is not true for all religions. The notion is definitely not true for a religion that claims a savior who was a God-man who came to earth, the very image of God born in the lineage of the “first Adam” and who himself was called the “second Adam” in his cosmic redemptive work and who was raised from the dead on behalf of all God’s created image-bearers to save them from death and destruction caused by the sin of the first Adam’s fall.

There is a lot in that last sentence. But what it means is that Easter and Evolution are incompatible; they cannot co-exist. One must be a lie proclaimed by liars, whether knowingly or not.

What are we to do?

Which one of Easter and Evolution should we rightfully reject as lie? Use your mind and trust your heart on this one. Use your mind to find out why your heart is right.

But pursue truth: The truth will set you free. We promise.

Think about it.


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