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Evolution is Creation

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, then we are all creationists.

Evolution is the creation story for most people on earth. Call it naturalistic creationism, as opposed to the supernatural creationism of the Bible. Nevertheless, evolutionists are creationists; they believe they were created by natural processes.

Like those believing other creation stories, most of evolution’s believers have never really studied evolution. They think they have because they endured high school science and believe what they’ve been told.

Of course, for most people on earth the evolutionary creation story is doubly comforting because it fits their overall world view. On the topic of human creation, most people are functional atheists; that is, they are true atheists or they claim to believe in God but live their lives no different than atheists.

Atheists, then, are simply like most people: They are creationists, but evolution is their only choice for a creation story. They can consider no other choice.

But what if you don’t want to be like most people? What if you would like a choice in what to believe? Have you ever really examined your creation story? Really?

If you are an evolutionist, from one creationist to another, consider that maybe that nagging gut-level doubt about evolution may be there for a reason.

You know what we are talking about, our Darwinist friend. You believe evolution because someone told you it was true. And that’s OK; we all do that. But you know in your heart (which as a center of thinking and emotions is real; where did it come from??) that you never really believed it.

Maybe, you thought, there is a connection between humans and apes. But a connection between sea sponges and humans? A true family lineage between eggplants and humans? And just where, you often think, did the first life come from in the first place?

The fact that we all have those thoughts is evidence that human beings were not created by evolutionary processes. Human beings are not even created like all the other living things on earth. If we were, we would not have thoughts of meaning, purpose, and where we came from. Do cats wonder who or what made them? Do trees ponder their origins? Why, among all the creations on earth, do humans wonder about such things?

There is a reason why. We urge you to be different. Stop being like most people on earth and try to find out.

Be brave. It’s not easy, but you’ve lived with the easy answer long enough.

Think about it.


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