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Evolution, Creation, and Crimson

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, the creation story follows a crimson trail of innocent death.

Did you know that many, many innocent organisms were killed, starved to death, and suffered environmental disaster just so you could be here reading this? This fact is necessarily true if evolution explains your existence. You have a family history that includes untold loss of every life that struggled and failed and before you.

Every organism that nature created and which natural selection selected to be killed or starved entered this world innocent. If evolution is true, every organism created solely by nature is responsible to nobody and can do no wrong because nature knows no right and wrong.

By definition these innocents came into this world with no possible grounds for death. And because of no reason of their own doing, they faced nature’s death sentence: they simply could not keep up, run away, or otherwise successfully fend for themselves. And except for those fortunate enough to starve first, nature ensured that the stronger ate the weaker; the faster killed the slower; the able-bodied slew the disabled.

And the evolutionary machine senselessly and relentlessly rumbled on down through the ages. With a trail of innocent blood running behind it, “better” organisms arose before it.

And you, the pinnacle of the lucky, can’t even take credit. You are “better” than what came before only in a technical sense defined by bare, selfish survival. You exist on earth for no other reason than that meaningless nature purposelessly operated to randomly cause your existence.

Do you take any satisfaction in that? If so, why?

To be sure, blood loss played a role in nature regardless of the true story of creation.

The question for human beings to ask soberly and with an eye to life now and in eternity is this: Why did blood flow in nature before we got here? And why does it flow now?

Most importantly, unlike other animals on earth, human beings can look back to one example in history when blood flowed from an innocent, sentient, and willing human being.

Innocent and sentient? Yes.

Willing? Why?

Think about it.


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