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Evolution and War

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, then war among humans—the stronger and faster killing the weaker and slower—should be unsurprising as nothing more than the continuance of nature’s only form of progress: natural selection.

And, because most believe evolution to be true we all live with the extravagant luxury to be naïve about the world.

In our current 21st century world we have the luxury to believe nonsense. We live in the false comfort of believing that we can each imagine our own reality as being true reality. We can even create God in our own image; we imagine our own God as one who approves of our choices in life, but may be intolerant toward the lives of others.

And why not? If evolution is the true creation story then we all effectively become our own god and can make up our own right and wrong, the rest of the world be damned.

The nonsense of evolutionary thinking is revealed when any one human being on earth decides to capitalize on the extravagant nonsense of a naïve world, and actually acts based on the reality of his own right and wrong.

And the world be damned.

What happens when one of natures accidental creations decides to kill other accidental creations brutally and without provocation in an act we, against nature, describe as “war”?

If the nonsense taught about evolution is true, such actions—are can’t say atrocities—should be virtually unnoticed. Such is the role of nature operating through natural selection; the stronger kill the weaker, the powerful ruin the powerless. And the world goes around.

Consider the popular example of natural selection where birds eat light moths instead of dark moths: We can’t say the birds are evil. Evil is not a part of nature, if evolution is true. And one person killing certain other people instead of others, maybe even based on their color? Can we call that evil? Not if evolution is true.

Such unprovoked killing of other innocents, particularly among different colors and races of the same species, is part of the circle of life, if evolution is true. Who are we to pass judgment?

Enlightened as we are in our innocent nonsense spawned by luxurious naivety, we often question the judgments of others against our own morals as “playing God.” Who are you to play God in my life? we ask.

But who are we to play nature in condemning natural selection among human beings? Who are we to label one of natures unwitting creations “evil” or “‘bad” or even “wrong” because it is a survivor in nature’s game? Who are we, who were also created by natural selection, to take offense at nature working through natural selection against other innocent creations?

Nonsense is exposed when reality unambiguously collides with naivety. If anyone really believes evolution to be the true creation story, then the reality this person believes in does not include any basis for judging the actions of any other person, including a ruthless, unprovoked, killer of innocent others. Why don’t such people speak up?

Why don’t any evolutionists speak up now to oppose any attempt to stop wars and rumors of wars? Where is the defense of the imagined reality of nature that includes natural selection acting without purpose or direction among one of its products: human beings? Where is the defense of nature being nature doing what nature does?

In the naively imagined reality of evolution tyrants cannot be tyrants and thugs cannot be thugs. Such are merely labels with no objective reality for any true meaning. To apply such labels to human beings makes as much sense as it would to apply the same labels to rocks, trees, worms, or those moth-eating birds. All of life just exists to exist, and existence means doing what nature does. Nothing more and nothing less.

If you are an evolutionist, then you must think deeply about the ramifications of your chosen belief. If you are an honest evolutionist, then you must agree that what we call the atrocities of war are merely the workings of nature in its relentless progression of evolutionary biology.

The rest of us, however, will live in a true reality of human beings made in God’s image, but living in a world of sin. We will agree that what we call the atrocities of war are true atrocities, the evidence of a sinful world in which true innocents suffer.

It is time to stop the intellectual nonsense. It is literally killing us all.

Think about it.

(C) Creation Reformation


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