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Evolution and Trust

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, then why do evolutionists begrudge God-believers?

We might even ask the question a bit differently: Why do leading evolutionists passionately care that some people believe God created the universe? And worse yet, they think, is that some of those people even believe God created them!

Is belief in a creator God a wrong belief? If so, why?

Think about it: if evolution made some people to believe God created the world and all that is in it, what is that to evolutionists? Evolutionists should trust the truth of evolution and celebrate the fantastic power of blind nature to produce belief in something that does not even exist!

But do evolutionists celebrate the results of evolution? If blind nature created Joe Believer to believe God created the world and blind nature created Tom Unbeliever to believe nature alone created the world, why does Tom Unbeliever blame Joe Believer for holding a wrong view of creation?

How can one’s belief in one’s origin be wrong if evolution made the belief itself?

It seems that in an evolutionary world belief in a creator God should be accepted as a natural product of evolution. Instead, God-believers are treated as moral agents guilty of believing a wrong thing!

It appears that in opposing creationists evolutionists do not trust the process they defend. Can it be that evolutionists unknowingly understand that there is objective truth, even moral truth, and that there are objectively wrong beliefs?

Yes is the right answer. But where do these objective truths come from?

Let’s propose a Trust in Evolution Hypothesis which can be tested by observing the reaction of staunch evolutionists when asked if belief in God is right and belief in God’s creation of humans is worthy of acceptance as a valid product of blind nature.

Of course, the Trust in Evolution Hypothesis has been tested many, many times. And it appears that the scientific evidence is in: evolutionists do not trust evolution as explaining all of nature.

Why should we?

Think about it.


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