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Evolution and The Spiral of Silence

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, then why can’t anyone explain what natural selection does for all the adapted and fit organisms that survive to reproduce in every generation?

Does the question above seem odd to you?

Why? It should be easy to answer, but, in fact, there is only one good answer.

The answer to the question is nothing.

Disagree? Try to answer the question yourself. Take UC, Berkeley’s example of “evolution by natural selection” with the green and brown beetles. According to Berkeley, evolution happens “by” natural selection in a population of green and brown beetles when birds eat more of the green beetles (because the brown beetles are harder to see). Thus, fewer green beetles survive to reproduce, leaving more brown beetles in nature. In one example the green beetles go extinct, leaving only the brown beetles in nature.

Question: How did “evolution by natural selection” happen for the brown beetles? The brown beetles are those who were adapted to survive and reproduce, which they did.

Do you see the problem? The evolutionary fate of the brown beetles is not changed by natural selection. The evolutionary trajectory for the brown beetles is the same regardless of the existence of natural selection operating on the green beetles: the brown beetles live, reproduce, and die happily indifferent to the fate of the green beetles being eaten all around them.

Natural selection provides no “by” for the brown beetles; the brown beetles experience no effects of natural selection at all.

Next question: Why are not more people vocally questioning natural selection when it is so easily, self-evidently, impotent as an explanation?

There is one fascinating possible answer to the silence surrounding evolutionary theory: The Spiral of Silence.

We discovered The Spiral of Silence from Glenn Loury’s recent Substack post: Unravelling the Spiral of Silence.

The spiral of silence theory is a political science and mass communication theory proposed by the German political scientist Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann. Here is a short description (bold emphasis added):

According to the spiral of silence theory, individuals will be more confident and outward with their opinion when they notice that their personal opinion is shared throughout a group. But if the individual notices that their opinion is unpopular with the group they will be more inclined to be reserved and remain silent.

Glenn Loury expands on this view (bold emphasis added):

. . . And the argument was, there can be some views, some issues in society that get defined in such a way that it’s inappropriate to hold those views. And as a result, people who don’t want to be shamed, who don’t want to be ostracized, don’t express those views. And when they don’t express them, anybody holding the view, because they don’t hear it said by others, think that they’re the only one or one of the few who hold the view, and so they don’t want to be the only one out there saying something. So they keep it to themselves.

Have we arrived at this place in society with regard to evolution? Is it “inappropriate” to hold views of creation contrary to evolutionary theory?

Do you feel like you are the only one or one of the few who reject evolution and/or believe in divine creation? Do you hold a viewpoint that you are afraid to express?

Is The Spiral of Silence not another form of bullying? Maybe we can call it intellectual bullying.

Glenn Loury continues. Consider his words in the context of evolution:

Now this view, this attitude in society, could be held by a large number of people, but because of the fear that if they were to express it, they’d be ostracized, no one says it. And since no one is saying it, the others who hold the view don’t know that they’re not alone, that they are not the only ones that hold the view, and hence they keep silent. Ibid.

Glenn Loury continues:

That could be an equilibrium, it could be a relatively stable situation in which the emperor has no clothes, everybody can see that this dude is naked, but everybody thinks that, “I don’t want to be the only one to say it.” And so we all kind of collaborate in this charade of keeping the view to ourselves. Ibid.

For all those who highly suspect in their hearts and minds that evolutionary theory cannot explain the origin and existence of human beings, know this: you are not alone. You are not the only one who holds this view.

And more importantly, know that Creation Reformation is disrupting the equilibrium: we are showing that the Emperor Evolution has no clothes.

If you would like more persuasive reasoning, and a reason to reject natural selection, read The Natural Selection Paradox. We show convincingly that natural selection plays no role in explaining the origin or existence of all current living forms.

Join us. We are just getting started. But the bullying effect of The Spiral of Silence stops here.

Think about it.


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