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Evolution and Self-Organization

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, then there must be a self-organizing principle of the universe.

But is there such a thing?

Did you know that evolutionists speak of nature “self-organizing” to explain evolutionary development? Some evolutionists speak of self-organization being an alternative to natural selection. Evolutionists speak of self-organization being a “tool” of natural selection.

Have you ever thought about what it means to attribute anything in nature to something called self-organization?

One thing it means–if evolution is true–is that the highly complex coded building instructions inside you–your DNA–exist because they “self-organized” over time. Presumably the atoms of your DNA just decided (“self’s” make decisions) to come together just so (organized).

In any other area of science the idea of “self-organizing” in nature would be complete nonsense. Why is it tolerated in evolutionary theory?

Imagine the first modern people to come across the statues on Easter Island explaining that the statues “self-organized” into their current form and positions.

Imagine an archeologist finding a clay pot and speaking of how it “self-organized” into its particular size, shape, and artistic designs.

Imagine a teenager told to clean his room telling his mother not to worry, assuring her that given time the bedroom will “self-organize” to a tidy state by itself.

Imagine the code-breakers in World War II speaking of breaking the “self-organized” codes of the enemy.

Imagine any natural system being described as having a “self” that can behave independent of any countervailing natural law to “organize” into a working system.

Imagine a crystal . . . oh, wait! Crystals form into specific shapes and patterns all by themselves! This might be an example in nature of a kind of self-organization!

What does it mean, then, to speak of nature “self-organizing”? Is it true? Can it happen?



Yes, no.


OK. Here is the flaw in the thinking of “self-organizing” and the reason why no other area of science would be embarrassed to suggest it: Nature organizes according to known scientific laws; absent any supernatural intervention nothing in nature self-organizes independently of any result necessitated by natural forces working with known causes.

A crystal achieves its organized pattern by necessity. A crystal is organized according to causes in nature that organize it, specifically the atomic nuclear forces behaving in accordance with the Second Law of Thermodynamics. In technical terms, a crystal is an example of atoms in nature reaching their lowest energy state in complete accordance with physical laws. There is nothing mysterious and nothing “self-organizing.”

The question, then, for evolutionists: what forces in nature operated to cause the so-called “self-organizing” in biological systems to form coded instructions in living beings? Coded instructions can not be explained as being a result of matter behaving according to natural laws.

To simply say DNA “self-organized” is to beg the question. How did it self organize? Why are the atoms of DNA organized and not disorganized?

To say DNA resulted from forces in nature causing the placement of each of its components into an organized state is to say a thing not supported by science.

There is simply no known force in nature operating according to natural laws to produce coded information. Coded information–whether codes in computers or codes in nature–organize because of something acting “against nature” so to speak. Codes organize by intelligence manipulating nature against natural laws.

Thus, to attribute evolutionary development to “self-organization” is merely to admit that there is no natural explanation. Self-organization is not a force or a cause. It is merely a description of what must have happened because something we can’t explain happened.

Why not say God did it? That would true self-organizing.

Think about it.

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