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Evolution and Guilt

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, then no person should experience true guilt about anything.

Natural creationists, i.e., evolutionists, Darwinists, and atheists, believe–and insist that you believe–that you are the purposeless product of blind nature. As a created product of blind nature alone, your existence carries no meaning and no inherent principled responsibility to others. Like trees, rocks, and lions, you are in nature just because you are.

Does a tree feel guilt if one of its branches falls and kills a man? Does a rock feel guilt if it rolls down a hill and crushes a mother as she tries to flee? Does a lion feel guilt after it chases down and brutally disembowels a lost child in the jungle?

Why, among all of natures unplanned and purposeless creations, do human beings experience guilt?

Is guilt real? Should we be concerned about it? If so, what is it and where does it come from?

And better yet, what can we do about it?

If evolution is true, then guilt is not real. Guilt, as atheists like Sigmund Freud believed, is merely a word describing a feeling that attaches to nothing substantively real. It is merely a word that we use to describe feelings that accompany a loss of happiness that occurs due to living in a civilized society.

Trees, rocks, and lions? Do they escape feelings of guilt merely because they do not live in a civilized society?

But you do live in a civilized society, and you do feel guilt. And even though you might not admit it, you also experience a loss of happiness. And being told that your felt guilt is merely subjective to you and can be effectively dealt with by playing with your mind is not helpful.

So what is to be done? If evolutionists and atheists like Freud are correct, the only thing you can do is what they do: seek to redefine words and deal with guilt as a psychological problem only (and blame religion for confirming what you instinctively know about sin). That is, play with your mind.

But what if it was not gravity, but YOU that killed a man with a branch? And what if was not a hillside, but YOU that crushed the fleeing mother with a stone? And what if it was not a lion, but YOU that chased down and disemboweled a lost child.

Will playing with your mind help you then? If evolution is true, it should.

If evolution is true guilt should never attach to your actions. In fact, in each instance of our examples, if you caused the deaths of others you would not be guilty; you would merely be participating in the glory of evolutionary progress: natural selection. Where is the guilt in simply acting in nature as nature is, according to evolutionists? If evolutionists were consistent in their insistence in believing in evolution, genocide should be included in lists of the evidence for natural selection!

Why not?

We know why not. Because we know that evolutionary theory falls apart when it runs smack up against the reality of guilt and conscience in human beings. Can you ignore the guilt you experience as being merely a private emanation of your immaterial mind due to having evolved into a civilized society?

What about the man’s wife, the fleeing mother’s other children, and the lost child’s siblings?

Does your mental exercise in psychological white-washing of your guilt as a phantom of civilized living do anything for them?

Freud and those like him are wrong: guilt is real in humans and it is real for a reason. And the good news is that you know that. We all know that. We do not need to dream up reasons to deny that. To think otherwise is wishful thinking.

Guilt is closely connected with our conscience, another little thing in us that defies an evolutionary explanation. And our conscience is analogous to a little unit of law enforcement and justice that will not give us peace until matters of guilt are dealt with.

Here is some more good news: human beings have way to (1) determine if our guilt is legitimate (much of it is not); and (2) a way to deal with the guilt and provide a way to live in peace and quiet.

But the good news is good news only if Jesus was a real man, and by “real man” we mean that he was one of a line of human beings created by God in God’s image. And unlike all other human beings, Jesus is not only a man, He is the eternal, uncreated I AM, the God of scripture who created you and everything else in the universe.

Were human beings created by God, rather than by nature? Are you a product of divine creation or a product of blind nature?

Once you settle those questions in your own heart, you will be in a place to explore the full nature of God’s provision for your guilt through the reconciling provision of Jesus’ sinless life, death, and resurrection.

Let your heart go free on this one. Even Freud said, “In the small matters trust the mind, in the large ones the heart.”

This is a big one.

It’s up to you to get it right.

Think about it


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