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Evolution and Death

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, killing and destruction must be embraced as necessary for evolution’s success.

Do you know how the engine of evolution operates? Very simply, natural selection ensures death to the less fit so that the more fit can reproduce. Evolutionists always try to downplay this fact because it does not fit with our modern sensibilities. But as facts go, this one is particularly stubborn. And as a necessary truth of evolution it remains an unmovable and unpleasant reality for evolutionists.

If evolution is true, there is no moral component to the indifferent killing of the weak, the infirm, and the disabled; that is simply how the natural process works. In nature the strong kill the weak, the fast eat the slow, and the able-bodied ravish the disabled. That is evolution.

Why then, as products of this amoral and purely natural process of blind nature do we humans find this truth hard to face? Why do those who believe in this idea the most want to downplay it? Yes, we may be OK with lions eating gazelles; after all, lions have to eat something.

But what about strong people killing weak people?

Why isn’t ethnic genocide ever included in examples of natural selection at work in nature?

Seriously, why not?

We all know why not. Because even though genocide is a perfect example of natural selection, we all know that it is somehow wrong. And it is evil. And to even declare anything in nature as wrong or evil is to immediately introduce into nature something nature cannot know.

Good and evil are simply not categories that belong to mindless atoms going about their Big Bang travels. And that is all we are, if the creation story of evolution is true.

In the mindless, blind, amoral world of the cosmos, good and evil are only spoken of among humans. Why is that?

And who gets to decide what is good and what is evil? Evolutionists? Those to whom killing for survival is the very essence of their creation story?

Why do even evolutionists balk at casually lumping humans in with light and dark moths, or long-necked and short-necked giraffes?

The answer we all know, but few embrace, is that any to have an true sense of good and evil, it must be objective. that is, it must transcend nature as we know it. Good and evil must derive from something supernatural: an objective–even transcendent–standard of right and wrong, good and evil.

Supernatural: beyond nature. Nature is amoral; there is no good or evil. If good or evil exists, it must come from beyond nature. If there are no objective moral standards there is absolutely no reason that genocide should not be included on lists of humans blindly evolving by driving “differential survival” or “reproductive success” in the evolving gene pool.

Because we know that genocide is wrong, we admit against our natural desires to do so that an objective moral standard exists. And it exists whether we like it or not.

And that objective moral standard is objective because there is a transcendent standard giver: an eternal, creator God. The standard is not opinion. It is not democratically determined. It is the unchanging standard of One, the eternal I Am of the Bible.

For those evolutionists who deny the objective moral standard of the One we ask one simple question: Do you have any problem with genocide? If so, why? Regardless the answer, in the absence of an objective moral standard it is the mere opinion of one. Worse yet, it is the opinion of one who believes he or she was created by the randomness of blind nature.

Should we trust the opinion of one who believes he or she was an accident of nature?

No. Rather than rely on the opinions of men who believe atoms randomly banging about the universe from the Big Bang give them any authority at all, we will take our chances with the One who claims to be eternal and the creator of all things.

This One, we learn, comes to bring life, not death. And this One brings not just life, but life more abundantly.

And there is another who we learn comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. And this evil one was successful in bringing confusion around what is good and what is evil from the beginning, thereby plunging the entire creation in a fall from its created state.

The stealing, killing, and destroying we see in nature is not a result of blind nature. And it is not the permanent state of our world. There is hope for life and life more abundantly.

And life more abundantly does not come from the killing and destroying of other life, as evolution would have us believe.

Life more abundantly comes from One who did not evolve, the One who created us for that life more abundantly.

If the Creator God created humans, then evolution is a lie that, if believed, brings its own unnecessary death: death to the soul that longs for meaning and significance.

If life is to be valued over death, we must reject evolution as our creator and embrace the true Creator.

Think about it.


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