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Evolution and Adam, Part 1

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, then the first Adam of Christianity never existed.

Christians face a real conundrum when it comes to squaring evolution and the Bible in explaining the origin of human beings. This is because Christian theology–and the very Gospel itself–rests on certain pillars of necessary truths, the removal of any one of which causes the Gospel to crumble to irrelevancy. And these pillars of support are completely incompatible with naturalistic evolution of humans from bacteria (or sea sponges, which are said to be known as our–your!— oldest animal ancestors (look it up)).

One of these pillars is the doctrine of original sin. This is not the place to defend the doctrine of original sin, but the Gospel message requires that sin entered the world and the human race by and through God’s first created image-bearer: a real, historical Adam. Scripture teaches that Jesus Christ came as a real, historical “second Adam” to succeed where the first Adam failed.

Remove a first Adam created by God in His image that plunged humanity into sin and you completely destroy any coherent reason for a second Adam come in God’s image to save humanity from the first Adam’s sin.


There is no blurry, wishful, maybe, could-have, might-have-been middle ground here.

If evolution is true there was no first Adam and there was no original sin because the concept of sin itself has no objective meaning. What is sin to a purposeless world evolved from mindless matter? Killing of innocents? No, killing of the weak and disadvantaged is the engine of evolution. Pedophilia? No, successful pedophilia supercharges the process of evolution. Bigamy? No, the more spouses the better to spread your genes to the next generation.

Is it any wonder the Gospel message today is ineffective in reaching those in need of salvation? Christians have lost the message track by actively or passively failing to show that evolution as an explanation for human origins and existence not only fails as a scientific explanation, it fails miserably in providing any need for the Gospel.

No Adam, no Gospel.


Think about it.


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