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Evolution and Adam

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, then there was no first Adam, and the Gospel falls.

Here is a great quote; we could not have said it better ourselves:

The truth of the gospel stands or falls with the historicity of Adam as the first human being from whom all other human beings descend. Richard B. Gaffin Jr., No Adam, No Gospel (Westminster Seminary Press, 2015) 5.

At Creation Reformation we will soon be rolling out materials to show Bible-believers the reasonableness of both rejecting evolution and embracing creation according to the Genesis account. The seven-part series will show in a step-by-step sequence of common-sense reasoning how to do just that.

Our seven-part series rests on a foundation held by two pillars: (1) The Natural Selection Paradox, which states: Natural selection did nothing to cause or explain any evolutionary change in any ancestor of all current living things., and (2) The Adamic Principle, which states that a true, historical Adam is a theological necessity for the Gospel.

Both pillars are necessary for our foundation. The first supports reasoning to reject evolution as an explanation for human beings. The second supports the theological necessity of embracing Genesis creation.

We hope you stay tuned. We are just getting started.

And it is all to the glory of God as we take back the creation narrative.



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