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Did Nature Learn to Code?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, then nature learned to code.

Imagine if instead of writing On the Origin of Species, Darwin had written a book entitled, On the Origin of Codes.

Imagine if you were tasked with explaining why there are codes on earth. What would you say? Where do codes come from?

Forget evolution for a moment. Think about what makes any code a code, rather than an unintelligible mess of random symbols. The letters you are reading right now are symbols arranged into a coded statement. If you can read this post, you just happen to have learned to de-code the message; many around the world can’t. And they can produce coded statements that we cannot de-code.

Where did the letters of this coded statement come from? How were the letters chosen, selected, arranged, and edited?

Is there anything in nature that could have performed the choosing, selecting, arranging, and editing of the letters of this sentence, or the sentences above and below? Consider every natural law and force you can think of: gravity, magnetism, the Laws of Thermodynamics, electric force, force fields?

For the technically minded, we can reduce our options for coding to the four observed fundamental interactions in nature (also known as fundamental forces) that form the basis of all known interactions in nature: gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, and weak nuclear forces.

Can any of those forces interacting in nature produce the writing that you are reading right now?

Of course, many knowing where this line of thinking is going will answer “yes.” But this answer is not based on science. There is no scientific reason to believe any of the four fundamental forces can produce the words you are reading right now.

Does not the code you are reading right now require an intelligent being for its production?

Many reading this may reply (sending their message in the same code) that the words above were written by an idiot. They will maintain–thinking themselves clever–that the code above did not arise from intelligence.

But what about their letters and words, arranged precisely to be in the same code? Did that coded statement also arise merely as a product of nature without any intelligence? If not, why not?

Codes in nature. Where are they and where do they come from?

Coded messages are found not only on this page, but inside every person de-coding this message right now. Inside every one of us are coded building instructions in the form of extremely long, complex DNA molecules, all arranged just so. In a sense the DNA molecule in every cell of all of us is the hardware in which the coded software of nucleotide bases are arranged–coded–to be the building instructions for making each of us. We are each unique but specified.

And these complex codes keep our bodies running so that not only can we read the coded message on this page, but we can also respond with our own coded message.

Where did the code inside of all of us come from?

Think about it.


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