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Science Has Left the Kiddie Pool

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Science Has Left the Kiddie Pool

If evolution is true, then the theory needs serious reform to keep up with modern science.

Evolution, once the deep waters of science, now sits as a kiddie pool, a place of safety for children fearful of what they may find in deeper waters. Hopelessly clinging to Darwin’s 19th-century ideas in light of the vast pool of 21st-century evidence, its true believers nevertheless continue to demand we believe it as “settled science.”

Should we?

Consider the recent post from Breakpoint, entitled, Which Theory of Evolution? Toppling the Idol of “Settled Science”. In the Breakpoint article we learn of a recent article in the Guardian entitled, Do we Need a New Theory of Evolution?

The gist of both articles is that a growing number of scientists from around the world are realizing that the theory of evolution by natural selection as an explanation for the evidence before us is . . . a fail.

Consider this quote from the Guardian article (bold emphasis added):

There are certain core evolutionary principles that no scientist seriously questions. Everyone agrees that natural selection plays a role, as does mutation and random chance. But how exactly these processes interact – and whether other forces might also be at work – has become the subject of bitter dispute. “If we cannot explain things with the tools we have right now,” the Yale University biologist Günter Wagner told me, “we must find new ways of explaining.”

Wait . . . you mean that there are biologists willing to admit that there are things that evolution by natural selection cannot explain? And, there is no mystery as to “how exactly these processes interact.” They interact exactly as advertised. The “mystery” is in the fact that their interraction cannot explain the biological systems we observe.

We understand why a biologist from Yale University would know this, because we have shown that Yale University agrees with us that natural selection plays absolutely no explanatory role in the creation or existence of all current living things. UC Berkeley also agrees with us. See if you do as well: Read The Natural Selection Paradox.

And yet, most of the big kids remain splashing around in the kiddie pool, not because there it is fun, but because that’s where the money is. As the Guardian reports about the kiddie pool (sometimes called the “modern synthesis”):

As Gerd Müller, head of the department of theoretical biology at the University of Vienna helpfully explained, “Parts of the modern synthesis are deeply ingrained in the whole scientific community, in funding networks, positions, professorships. It’s a whole industry.” Ibid.

As the Breakpoint article states, maybe it’s time we all stopped revering evolution as dogma:

The habit of fixing upon a dogma and calling it “settled science” is just bad science that stunts our understanding of the world. It is a kind of idolatry that places “science” in the seat of God, appoints certain scientists as priests capable of giving answers no fallible human can offer, and feigns certainty where real questions remain. The great irony is that this image of scientist-as-infallible-priest makes them seem like the caricature of medieval monks charging their hero Galileo with heresy for his dissent from the consensus.

Maybe it’s time for a creation reformation!

Think about it.


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