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Updated: Aug 24, 2023, a respected science organization, provides a flow chart of evolution that confirms The Natural Selection Paradox in showing that natural selection did/does nothing for all existing life on earth. We join with ResearchGate in the goal of discovering scientific knowledge and staying connected to the world of science. And we agree with their assessment of how evolution works.

By way of reminder, Creation Reformation’s The Natural Selection Paradox states: Natural selection did nothing to cause or explain any evolutionary change in any ancestor of all current living things.

In the interest of showing the validity of The Natural Selection Paradox, we present below ResearchGate’s flow chart of the evolutionary process which is annotated with our criticism, comment, and teaching. We find it particularly satisfying that ResearchGate’s flowchart shows the same steps of evolution as that set forth in The Natural Selection Paradox.

A careful consideration of ResearchGate’s flow chart below and Creation Reformation’s annotated commentary will confirm that natural selection plays no role in the creation or existence of every living thing on earth, including human beings.’s Natural Selection Flow Chart

Do you see the issue? Consider the fate of the offspring that ends at “Save Offspring.” Here is the key to understanding: Would the Offspring reach the stage of “Save Offspring” if natural selection did not exist?

Then what did natural selection do for all the current living organisms, each of which is a result of innumerable uninterrupted generations each ending at “Save Offspring”?

Think about it.

Creation Reformation welcomes additional comment, criticism and observations from those not yet convinced that natural selection does nothing for all existing species.

Enjoy! Let the discussion continue!


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