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Evolution and Ukraine

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If evolution is true, then we should all view the killing in Ukraine with indifference.

What is evolution in its essence, but a process that churns relentlessly along in purposeless, heartless, meaningless killing of the weak by the strong, the slow by the fast, or the unlucky by the lucky?

Do you disagree? On what principled basis?

The truth of evolutionary theory may offend our modern sensibilities, but if evolution is true that is a misconception on our part, not a nature problem.

It’s a “we” problem, not an “it” problem, so to speak. And between we and it, it will always win, if evolution is true.

We may imagine a lofty place for our musings on the importance of life in nature. But if evolutionary theory is true, nature cares not a whit about life, death, pain, suffering, or any other of our “sensible” projections onto something we–somewhat presumptiously–call life in our cold, dark universe.

Why should we care?

If evolution is true there is no principled reason why any of nature’s unintended products–including us–should give half a whit about the welfare of any of its other unintended products. Evolutionists betray their worldview when they render any moral judgment on nature’s amoral engine of progress exhibited in meaningless killing and suffering. One may as well render judgment on the wind and the rain, or the sun and the moon. All is meaningless, purposeless nature just being nature.

But such apathy seems wrong. Why does it seem we should intervene when evolution’s natural killing machine rumbles aimless along among human beings, with the stronger killing the weaker, the faster killing the slower, and the lucky killing the unlucky in something we arbitrarily label “war”?

If evolutionists are to hold a consistent view of nature, then they must agree that natural selection among human beings–that’s what war is–in which a strong one kills the weak and vulnerable should be the unchallenged–and unchallengable–norm, if evolution is true.

No one will say it but us, so here goes: If evolution is true, our only sensible reaction to the natural selection happening in Ukraine should be nothing but absolute, apathetic, impassive, indifference.

Why, then, is there such widespread sympathetic reaction among nature’s so-called purposeless products we call humans–and only among humans–to act against nature to render moral condemnation?

Where is the indifference? Does nature care? Then why should we, mere products of nature, care?

Again, few will say it but us, so here we go again: Isn’t our human caring about other human lives a direct repudiation of the utter indifference upon which evolutionary theory relies?

Aren’t we seeing in Ukraine the undeniable result of an academic theory presented in sanitized amoral terms colliding with the stark, dirty brutality of reality that operates in moral terms?

Is it possible that human beings are, in fact, not senseless, purposeless products of uncaring nature?

If so, then evolution is not our origin story.

What might be a different origin story that better conforms to reality and gives us not only a reason, but an imperitive obligation, to express moral outrage for the killing of humans by humans in Ukraine?

Think about it.


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